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“So, if the Beers beat Detroit and Denver beats Atlanta in the American Southwestern Division East Northern, then Milwaukee goes to the Denslow Cup, unless Baltimore can upset Buffalo and Charlotte ties Toronto, then Oakland would play LA and Pittsburgh in a blind choice round robin. And if no clear winner emerges from all of this, a two-man sack race will be held on consecutive Sundays until a champion can be crowned.”

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First off, before I get too far into writing, I just want to welcome back Tiger Woods. I love golf and it was pretty cool to flip over to Tiger’s rally during the basketball commercials.

In news that’s somewhat less predictable, March Madness continues its run through this month (and the recurring theme of this blog). Congrats to North Carolina, Connecticut, Villanova, and Michigan State. Also, a great big thanks to Louisville, Pittsburgh, and Memphis for their solid contributions to ruining my bracket.

How about a look at the political side of March Madness to change things up a little bit. Cities like Detroit, Boston, and Memphis all have some appeal for regional and national finals, but how come Columbia, South Carolina doesn’t get a fair shake?

Ron Morris does a great job of writing about how the Confederate flag flying above Columbia’s state house likely affects why the city and its facilities are largely ignored by the NCAA. Morris notes the money, publicity and recognition the city would get from hosting these games.

I couldn’t agree with Morris more. Of course, I can’t speak for South Carolina residents who refuse to change the state flag. Morris brings up a valid point, though: why should cities about the same size as Columbia (and even ones in a neighboring state) be the beneficiaries of something that Columbia could be eligible for? At the same time, I have to commend the NCAA for staying away from the temptation of going to a place where a Confederate flag is still proudly displayed. It makes me wonder what other profitable opportunities that South Carolina could be missing out on due to their refusal to let go of the past. After all, it’s not like states can’t use the money.

Now let’s continue the journey south across the border to Mexico where movie film crews are now being affected by the country’s drug gangs.

Death threats were sent to a director for a movie about a drug smuggler in Mexico that was to star Josh Hartnett and Eva Mendes. Unfortunately, the gangs behind this aren’t only scaring Hollywood away, they’re also affecting the economy of their country.

Taking Hollywood out of the country and hurting the economy of Mexico are two big issues, but the numerous deaths due to rival gangs fighting territorial wars is the eyebrow-raiser here. It’s never a bad thing to be able to show celebrities enjoying their time while in a city but when spring break travelers (who would show up in large numbers with plenty of money) desert resorts like Tiajuana, the problem extends beyond exposure on A “failed state” is a territory with a shattered political structure and as Hillary Clinton mentioned, there are ways for the U.S. to help out. As entertaining as movies based out of Mexico can be, I don’t see Josh Hartnett being an economic and political cure for what’s ailing Mexico.

Finally, the previous article mentioned cocaine smugglers. Did they have a meeting with Ashley Biden recently?

Probably not. According to this piece from the Huffington Post, the lawyer attempting to sell the tape has withdrawn and dropped his client. Apparently, the publicity of the tape allegedly involving the daughter of the Vice President of the United States was not something this lawyer wanted.

I find it interesting that this comes about two months after the Michael Phelps story. Granted, Phelps was identified and came clean about the marijuana use in his photo, but is the celebrity spotlight really meant to be a smoking gun? Furthermore, the article mentions that it was a 20-something woman with light skin and long brown hair in this particular video. This means it could be Ashley Biden or about ten million other women around the world. The article also brings up the surprise of other lawyers that another lawyer would be so willing to shop this tape to the tabloids. I’m surprised as well; money brings fame and this lawyer could be caught on tape doing something he doesn’t want others seeing him doing.

All right, another week is done! Tune in next week for a look at the men’s NCAA champion (or championship) and whatever news the world throws at us in the meantime.


Written by greatfoesofreality

March 30, 2009 at 11:05 pm

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