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I’m back after another week of searching for news stories in between my steady diet of watching college basketball and… watching college basketball. I hope everyone is doing well in their brackets he/she  filled out that have no monetary prizes attached for the most accurate picks. I’m currently in a tie for third in my office pool… come on UNC (and Nova beating Duke and Syracuse taking out Oklahoma would be nice too).

I’ll start off the blog this week with this article on employers losing money on employees spending time focusing on March Madness. At least that’s what they want us to believe.

Slate reprinted this piece late last week from Jack Shafer (it first appeared in 2006). The article brings up the myth that employers lose money on employees watching games on their computers or checking scores.

Shafer makes two great points in this article. One, casual fans lose interest as the tournament progresses. Believe me, half the people in my office pool will not watch a minute of college basketball until next year after their brackets imploded over the weekend. The second point that Shafer makes is that employees do stuff during the work day that wastes time regardless. He mentions shopping, talking on the phone, coffee breaks, etc. as ways that workers spend their time if they’re not working. I’ll admit that I check scores when games are on. However, it’s literally for only two days during a standard work week when the NCAA Tournament begins. After that, the games are all on so late on the East Coast that employers should worry about whether or not their employees will set their alarms.

Speaking of madness, Dick Cheney’s in the news again! However, the twist on this story is bound to make some readers chuckle (and no, small game hunting is not involved).

This story from mentions Republicans are advising Cheney to lie low for a little while. His vocal defense of the Bush/Cheney administration has been making headlines, and the Republicans are trying to mend the GOP’s proverbial fences.

I can see what the Republicans are trying to do and it’s actually a pretty smart move. If you look at the major overhaul of the political landscape all across federal and state governments in November, Republicans have to undergo some serious self-examination to get the bad taste out of their mouths. However, the two symbols (Bush and Cheney) of what many Americans would point to as the root of the problem are not going away. I actually think Bush should be commended for taking the high road and letting President Obama do his job. Cheney has every right to speak his mind and disapprove of Obama’s progress, but when your allies are telling you to keep it down you should maybe consider going on a trip with no phones or television.

Finally, I’ll end this post on somewhat of an odd note (as I usually do). What would you do to make money in these hard economic times? It seems that some women are looking into dancing and stripping since there is no sign of the job market rebounding.

In cities like Chicago and New York and even smaller cities like Providence, RI, the job market for exotic dancing still can earn a woman a decent living. As long as strip clubs are still pulling in a consistent number of customers, women are finding that paying college loans and bills can be easily done even with the economic crisis in full effect.

Personally, a woman has every right to do what she wants to do. If she wants to dance, she should dance. If she wants to be an actress, take some acting classes. The possibilities are endless. However, the economic downturn has left talented men and women wondering when and where their next opportunity will be to pull in a decent living. Therefore, if a woman can make six figures in big cities and she has the confidence and ability to be a dancer, she should definitely go for it.

There’s the blog post for this week. Tune in next week for the trials and tribulations of a non-profit office pool and some recent news stories that might qualify as some form of madness… just maybe not March Madness.


Written by greatfoesofreality

March 23, 2009 at 11:10 pm

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