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“There’s a… um… tradition in tournament play… not talk about the next step until you’ve climbed the one in front of you.”

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All right, spring break is over and I’m back in the saddle for the foreseeable future! Not a moment too soon either because one of my favorite times of the year is here: March Madness. There’s nothing like filling out a bracket and spending the next few weekends watching college basketball teams play for the chance to go to the Final Four. Lose and go home. NCAA football… are you paying attention?

March Madness actually ties in to the first piece I want to write about. An article in the New York Times discusses the lack of star power in the college ranks this year. This will likely not be helping the NBA Draft in any way when it rolls around at the end of June.

The article discusses players who have been recently drafted and have gone on to become NBA stars. The issue is that this year’s March Madness tournament really doesn’t have anyone (outside of Blake Griffin) that NBA teams can pencil in as a potential franchise savior.

The writers of this article do have some good points. There isn’t an O.J. Mayo or Derrick Rose on any of these teams in the NCAA. However, I think it’s unfair to say there won’t be any talented players in this year’s draft. They even mention the possibility of international players like Ricky Rubio. There won’t be any players that teams can build a franchise around, but there are plenty of players who will become serviceable NBA players. Besides, March Madness has yet to start. Let’s let the kids enjoy this experience before telling them you think they won’t be stars at the professional level.

From basketball to bailouts and bonuses… the saga of the nation’s chaotic nature of its financial institutions continues this week. However, one insurance company (AIG) already working with bailout money decided to award $165 in bonuses to its executives.

Long story short, numerous banks and insurance companies have been receiving bailout money due to the financial crisis and instability of the Dow Jones. The bailout money in this situation has been used by AIG to pay out bonuses to employees to honor contracts.

The defense of AIG is that their executives were under contract to receive these bonuses. Personally, I think those contracts should have been nullified the second one penny of bailout money went to AIG. Taxpayers are the ones who feeding the piggy banks of these firms and for them to award bonuses to the people who were supposed to be running the show as the business collapsed is a collective slap in the face. I realize that arbitrarily tearing up an existing contract is essentially impossible but with the economic standing of our nation, I think fulfilling these contracts could take a back seat to more pressing needs.

Finally, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, investigates what actually is greener (environmentally in this context): drinking beer from bottles or cans.

The article goes into great detail about which alcohol-holding container actually is more greener. The consensus is that if a homegrown brewery is close, glass bottles might be better. Otherwise, drinking beer from cans might be more environmentally friendly. However, the writer suggests drinking from pint glasses is likely the best way to go.

I think this article brings about a good point. The alcohol industry really hasn’t shown the effects of economic stability and production and monthly totals in 2008 were close to 2007 numbers. President Obama has promised to look for ways to create more environmental friendly jobs and even has a “green team“. I think it’s a great idea for an area that is consistent as the alcohol industry to devise ways to inform and educate consumers about something that can help the future of our country. Granted, some party-goers are indifferent to whether or not they drink from a glass, can, trough, etc. However, the opportunity to mix “green” with St. Patty’s celebrating and environmentalism is a unique occurrence.

That’s all for this week. Tune in next week for March Madness updates (and other general madness updates across the world).


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