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I’m officially excited. I get to take a short weekend trip to Florida to do some golfing and hopefully avoid alligators. Most importantly, the forecast for Jacksonville is going to be in the 70s. The snow and cold temperatures in the Northeast are getting old really quick. The bottom line is, Thursday can’t get here soon enough.

Coincidentally, my first story this week begins on a golf-related note. Whether you are a golf fan or not, it was hard not to notice that Tiger Woods made his return to the PGA Tour at the Accenture Match Play Championship in Tucson, AZ.

Tiger’s return came several months after winning the U.S. Open on a torn ACL in his knee. Several young players have emerged as bona fide contenders to unseat the world’s best golfer, but Tiger seems to be getting ready to be in championship form.

Although Tiger didn’t play well in this tournament (he lost in the second round to Tim Clark), the fact that he got back on the golf course is great news for the PGA Tour. I like to see young golfers like Anthony Kim, Rory McIlroy and Camilo Villegas become stars, but Tiger is the face of golf and therefore brings in more ratings. I thought the Match Play tournament would be a tough one for him to come back to, but I never count Tiger out of anything. Any rust he has will surely be gone by the time The Masters starts in April.

Speaking of rust, did anyone see Bobby Jindal’s speech following President Obama’s address to the nation last week? While the Louisiana governor’s speech received mixed reviews, it turns out that one big part of it wasn’t exactly true.

Governor Jindal told a great story during his speech about standing side-by-side with a sheriff during Hurricane Katrina and trying to fight with federal bureaucrats who were objecting to rescuing stranded flood victims. However, Jindal was never even in the sheriff’s office (which he claimed) and the fact that his speech hinted that Jindal had a personal hand in the rescue attempts has to raise some eyebrows.

This really could not come at a worse time for the Republican Party. They need a fresh face to guide themselves back into favor with American voters and Jindal was a leading candidate for this movement. Not only did he discredit himself on national television, he likely might have people wondering what they can believe from jim in the future. Granted, voters are forgiving and have relatively short memories, but Jindal had a chance to showcase himself and the Republican Party after a disastrous election month in November 2008.  Now, lying is once again back in the spotlight for the Republican Party.

I’m going to wrap this thing up by sticking with the state of Louisiana. Republican Senator David Vitter is up for re-election in 2010. Unfortunately, Senator Vitter was found to be involved in the D.C. Madam prostitution scandal in 2007. This will hurt his chances to keep his Senate seat, and those interested in taking it include a former opponent of Vitter (Family Research Council leader, Tony Perkins) and adult film star, Stormy Daniels.

I think disenchanted voters who were embarrassed by Vitter’s actions during his tenure in office would vote for just about anyone. Perkins would likely have the name and credentials that voters would be familiar with and would seem to be a likely successor. Daniels is certainly an interesting third party (or even Democratic) nominee. She is very well-spoken and certainly seems comfortable in this interview. We’ve seen actors, athletes and even professional wrestlers get involved in politics. It’s very possible that new ground could be broken in Louisiana if Daniels gets a nomination.

Time to pack up the golf clubs and dig out some warm weather clothes. Tune in next week for more news and information on my astronomically high golf scores.


Written by greatfoesofreality

March 3, 2009 at 12:18 am

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