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Time to get to the news this week and no, I’m not talking about the UConn/Pittsburgh men’s basketball game I’m watching right now. Although, the #1 ranked team in the nation playing the #4 ranked team should count as some news. However, there are other issues to discuss.

First off, here’s a solution for banks trying to deal with customers in debt. Just a glance at the headline will probably alarm most people who have credit cards.

The article discusses how those who miss payments on their credit card payments will see the interest rates go up. Some companies have already begun charging people with large amounts racked up on their credit cards a surcharge. Some quotes from a gentleman who has credit card debt so he can provide for his family helps to put these ramifications in perspective.

I understand that banks do have troubles of their own, and they have no quick fixes for their problems either. The American consumer is the same way. I’m sure thousands of people like Louis Martinez (quoted in this article) are using credit cards in ways to just stay alive. Therefore, this will make the nation’s economic woes more widespread due to the banks trying to regain their footing. I’m no economist, but I don’t see how these measures can be good for struggling credit card holders. After all, the number of folks with large credit card debt greatly outnumbers the number of banks.

In the meantime, our new administration is doing what it can to try to right the ship for the nation’s economic woes. It’s so great to see the GOP is doing what it can to spite them.

According to the article, Republicans in the House of Representatives are taking the voting of President Obama’s proposed stimulus package to a personal level. Eric Cantor is the Republican Whip (largely in charge of managing Republicans when the House is in session) who put together a video claiming the GOP is “Back in the Saddle” using the song by the rock band, Aerosmith.

I’m all for unity in almost any forum and the Republicans have a right to free speech. So I have no problem with them making a video for these purposes. However, what they want this video to achieve is something that our nation can’t afford. Until someone comes along with a better idea, the proposed stimulus package is something that our nation needs. If Cantor and any of his fellow GOP members disagree so wholeheartedly, maybe they should put their time and taxpayer’s money towards a new solution rather than making videos for Youtube. The fact that the guy in charge of managing the House floor for the Republicans is making this video is also disconcerting.

Finally, I’ll close on a lighter note. If you’re an amateur gambler trying to figure out new ways to win at casinos, make sure you know that they’ve caught on to at least one technological advantage.

Apple has designed an application compatible with its iPhone and iTouch that can count cards. This would be advantageous to a person familiar with blackjack and how the game works. It’s not illegal, but casinos do frown on the practice.

Personally, I think it would take a miracle for anyone to master this application to the point where casinos should be concerned. We’re not all MIT students taking weekend trips to Vegas solely to win money. However, casinos do have the right to tell people to put electronics away while they’re gambling at a table in their establishment. In my case, even if you gave me uninterrupted practice with this application, I could easily still find a way to lose all my money playing blackjack.

Speaking of losing, one final news story tonight: the number one-ranked UConn Huskies have fallen to the Pittsburgh Panthers this evening. Thank you for reading and I’ll be checking in again next week.


Written by greatfoesofreality

February 16, 2009 at 9:07 pm

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