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There is no better story to lead off this week’s post than the Sports Illustrated story about Alex Rodriguez’s alleged positive test for steroid use in 2003.  Even more shocking was A-Rod’s interview with Peter Gammons of

The Sports Illustrated story cited sources that A-Rod was one of 104 Major League Baseball players who tested positive in an anonymous drug test conducted in the 2003 season. Though the results were to remain anonymous, A-Rod’s name was leaked to the story. In the interview with Gammons, A-Rod confirms the allegations and attempts to move forward with his career.

I have two confessions to make: 1) I don’t like Alex Rodriguez, and 2) I don’t like the New York Yankees. However, I am frustrated as a fan of baseball. I gritted my teeth when Barry Bonds, a man who has been linked to steroids the past several years, passed Hank Aaron as the leader in all time home runs. If anything, I was hoping that A-Rod was a clean baseball player who would someday eventually pass Bonds and leave no questions in the record book. That isn’t going to happen anymore.

There was good news, though, in a story that just broke today: the Senate passed President Obama’s stimulus plan. This is hopefully a step in getting the economy back on track.

President Obama’s stimulus plan has been under fire since he proposed it right after taking the office. The $838 billion proposal has been rebuffed by Republicans, though, which could make the attempt to get it passed through the House of Representatives very questionable. The plan even barely made it through the Senate, getting 61 votes when 60 were needed.

Something has to give with the economy and I hadn’t seen any effort from the Republican leaders to right the wrongs while George W. Bush was in office. President Obama’s plan will strengthen unemployment, give a lift to health care, and provide tax breaks to lower-income families. I understand the Republicans want to tweak the plan before putting their stamp of approval on it, but they are hurting millions of people by delaying something that our President believes is in our best interests. If banks and investment firms can get some help, why can’t the American people?

Finally, Chris Brown condemns domestic violence in this article from the Daily Telegraph. Well, since the singer has been arrested in Los Angeles for a domestic dispute involving his girlfriend, Rhianna, it looks as if he has some explaining to do.

The Daily Telegraph article discusses how Brown grew up with domestic violence in his family and refers to the alleged incident with Rhianna. The article discussing Brown’s arrest mentions a Los Angeles police officer discussing his professional appearance and good looks.

So Chris Brown is professional and good-looking. I can understand police are normal people like the rest of us and might tend to get starstruck around celebrities, but praising someone who allegedly committed acts of violence against his girlfriend is a bit much. As for Brown growing up with domestic violence around him, I hope he remembers how worried he was for his mother when he was younger. He is only 19 years old, so he really isn’t too far removed from these incidents he described.

That’s all for now… more news to come next week.


Written by greatfoesofreality

February 10, 2009 at 2:27 pm

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